The Vale Rio Diner was built in 1948 by Paramount. It is a rare model featuring the trademark burnished circle pattern in its stainless steel skin to which it is one of only four known remaining Paramount diners with this feature. It was a Phoenixville, PA landmark where regulars came for coffee, pie, and conversation for 60 years. This classic 1948 diner served its last meal on February 24, 2008 and was moved from its longtime spot at Nutt Road and Bridge Street to make way for a Walgreens drugstore and a Starbucks coffee shop. It has been placed in storage ever since but time is running out for this rare American classic and it needs to find a new home before it is lost forever. Price is fair yet negotiable. Important part is to find it a new home.

Diner   Diner

Inside, the booths and counter areas resemble typical classic diner designs.

Diner   Diner

Diner  Diner  Diner

Diner    Diner

The Diner is currently in storage on a solid make-shift moving trailer ready for relocating to a promising future.



For more information email:  bill@henningstrains.com

Please forward this information to anyone you think might have an interest in preserving this diner in any way.
This could be either a wonderful addition to an existing establishment or a great start for a new one.
Price is fair yet negotiable.

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